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Get your macarons packaging perfectly with our Elegant Macaron Boxes by Cheerico Bakery Supplies.

One single simple little bite from a macaron and taste buds tell the brain, this experience is utterly unique. A macaron is like nothing else. This box is our answer to a pointed question. How does one present these decadent delights in a way that honors the understated class of the confection?

Welcome to www.MacaronBoxes.ca where  you will find the largest collection of  macaron boxes, in various of colour and size. Also we specialise in cupcake boxes and acrylic cupcake towes.

Whether you are looking for macaron boxes for a party or for any special day, we have the large range of boxes.  We also offer our wholesale cupcake stands so feel free to drop us an email if you run a bakery or home cupcake business as we would love to hear from you. Happy cupcaking!

Jovin Sung